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Firearms and Ballistics

Firearms & Ballistics

Bring the extensive experience of the Keith Borer Consultants team of Firearms Experts to any matters involving firearms and ballistics that you may have. Our firearms experts prepare reports for use in criminal and civil cases involving many types of firearms, ammunition and imitation firearms, including toy guns, airguns, hand guns, stun guns, deactivated weapons, rifles, shotguns and homemade guns. Our work predominantly falls into 4 categories:

• Classification of firearms and ammunition according to current legislation, including test firing when required and assessment of lethality.

• Reporting on the mechanical condition of firearms and deactivated firearms, including damage, modifications, effectiveness of deactivation work and health & safety issues.

• Comparison of cartridge cases and bullets from a scene or deceased/injured person with those test fired from an alleged crime firearm.

• Ballistics’ analysis and reconstruction of complex shooting incidents by consideration of the capability of particular weapons and ammunition, interpretation of wounds and damage caused by the discharge of firearms, and the determination of the range and trajectory of shots fired.

Our experts also prepare reports on the functionality of weapons not classed as firearms, such as crossbows and harpoon guns.