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David Platt
BSc(Hons), MSc

David Platt is an experienced forensic scientist specialising in the examination of firearms, ammunition and related items. He joined Keith Borer Consultants in January 2022 and has worked in the industry since 2016. During his career he has worked for customers including the National Crime Agency, the Independent Office for Police Conduct, Ministry of Defence Police, Royal Military Police, UK Border Force and various English and Welsh police forces.

Mr Platt specialises in the identification and legal classification of firearms, ammunition and associated items under the provisions of the relevant UK firearms legislation. His work primarily involves the examination and testing of weapons and ammunition for functionality, including the examination of air weapons, airsoft guns and other weapons to determine their kinetic energy. Such work can involve consideration of trigger pull levels and accidental discharge assessment, plus range of fire assessment and effectiveness of weapon function. He also has experience of scene reconstruction, interpretation of firearms related damage to objects, vehicles and clothing, and post mortem attendance to conduct firearms injury causation assessments.

Mr Platt holds a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Archaeology from the University of Reading and a Master of Science postgraduate degree in Forensic Archaeology: Crime Scene and International Investigations from Bournemouth University.

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