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Forensic Expertise
when you need it

Keith Borer Consultants provides high quality independent forensic science consultancy in criminal, civil, family and disciplinary matters.

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Forensic Expertise when you need it

Keith Borer Consultants provides high quality independent forensic science consultancy in criminal, civil, family and disciplinary matters.

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Please note we are experiencing issues with the phone lines at our Durham Office - if you have an enquiry, please call our Huntingdon office on 01480 432 794 or email us at kbc@keithborer.co.uk.

Instruct the Experts

Our Forensic Scientists are expert witnesses and are instructed by a range of customers to examine the strength and reliability of evidence and report on it at court.

  • Solicitors
  • Barristers
  • Police forces
  • Companies
  • Private individuals

Our Services

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A Wealth of Experience

Keith Borer Consultants has been providing forensic consultancy and expert witness services since 1980. In 2015 Keith Borer Consultants became part of Orchid Cellmark Ltd, gaining access to a large range of accredited laboratory and analytical facilities.

Our Team

Internationally Recognised

Although based in the UK, Keith Borer Consultants can carry out detailed forensic casework across the globe. The majority of time, this can be done without the need to travel. In today’s digital age, distance really isn’t a barrier, with evidential files, photographs and working notes being shared easily, quickly and securely. Our experts can provide court testimony through video link.

Should you prefer a scientist to attend in person, we can examine crime scenes or accident loci, visit the relevant forensic laboratory and give oral evidence at court. We will work with you to make this as cost effective as possible.

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About Us

Our process is to establish with you an appropriate and cost effective forensic approach to your case which can be achieved within the available timescale. We pride ourselves on being able to respond quickly to instructions and in providing high quality, independent forensic advice in a format that suits you.


This is very helpful and I cannot thank you enough for turning this work around so quickly - it really is very impressive service.

Instructing Solicitor, July 2022 (Handwriting Report)

Always quick to respond and able to provide the necessary information quickly.

Solicitor, July 2022 (Firearms Report)

Very detailed , high quality report, excellent customer service and report prepared very quickly. Very impressed indeed.

Solicitor, July 2022 (Cell Site Analysis Report)

Karen, your service and attention to detail are world class.

Private instruction, July 2022 (Handwriting Report)

Prompt replies and efficiency throughout.

Solicitor, July 2022 (DNA report)

Have instructed KBC on many cases over the years and always happy with your services.

Solicitor, July 2022 (Firearms Report)

Quick & efficient when needed. Clear written final letter, too, with adequate info.

Private instruction, July 2022 (Handwriting Report)

Andrew Farley was brilliant.

Solicitor, August 2022 (Court Testimony for Imagery Report)

The efficiency and speed of responses to queries is excellent. The KBC staff and experts are very helpful and have prepared this report extremely quickly, despite their busy workloads.

Solicitor, August 2022 (Firearms Report)

We always receive a great service from KBC.

Solicitor, August 2022 (Firearms Report)

Extremely professional and efficient.

Solicitor, August 2022 (Imagery Report)

Communication was quick and clear at all times.

Solicitor, August 2022 (Handwriting Report)

Appropriate expertise, very easy to work with - lovely team.

Solicitor, August 2022 (Handwriting Report)

Just a note to say thanks for your tremendous assistance in this case. Mr Dunnill’s evidence was described as “thorough and robust”.

Solicitor, September 2022 (Drugs case)

Thank you for preparing the report at short notice; it was of great assistance.

Solicitor, September 2022 (Drink-Drive Report)

Quick, legal aid rates, and good selection of experts.

Solicitor, September 2022 (DNA Report)

Prompt response; always able to help.

Solicitor, September 2022 (Toxicology Report)

Quick response times and approachable staff.

Solicitor, October 2022 (Mobile Phone Report)

Excellent professional skills and scientific knowledge.

Solicitor, October 2022 (DNA report)

Understands the day-to-day problems arising from communication difficulties with the CPS.

Solicitor, October 2022 (DNA report)

Always very responsive to enquiries.

Solicitor, October 2022 (Toxicology report)

Gregg Beatson’s report was one of the clearest and well-constructed reports I have seen. A lay person could easily follow it throughout.

Solicitor, October 2022 (RTA report)

Turned report round in very quick time.

Solicitor, November 2022 (Toxicology report)

The service seemed very fast and professional.

Solicitor, November 2022 (Handwriting report)

Expert was very helpful during initial phone conversation and produced report very promptly.

Solicitor, November 2022 (Firearms report)

The Expert (Andrew Farley) went over and above what could have been expected of him and provided an excellent, speedy service and report (in difficult circumstances). The admin staff were also very friendly and professional.

Solicitor, November 2022 (Imagery Report)

The wide choice of quality experts providing a great service makes KBC the first port of call.

Solicitor, November 2022

Clear & unequivocal.

Solicitor, November 2022 (Toxicology Report)

I was extremely impressed with Richard Brown in terms of his breadth of knowledge and presentation in Court. His clear, cogent and persuasive evidence in Court was key in securing an acquittal in this case.

Counsel, November 2022

Helpful approach and input from expert.

Solicitor, November 2022 (Cell Site Analysis Report)

Alan Henderson was excellent in knowledge and professionalism. His report was excellent also and I have no doubt it assisted greatly.

Counsel, November 2022

Mrs Youngson took over this case as peer reviewer late in the day, was fully informed, entirely professional and very jury friendly. Highly recommended. Would use again.

Counsel, December 2022

Mr Guest was absolutely invaluable and dealt with the defendant in a very professional manner.

Counsel, December 2022

The service was very good. I cannot fault it and would recommend to others.

Solicitor, December 2022 (Drugs Report)

Gregg Beatson’s report is absolutely excellent!

Solicitor, December 2022 (RTA Report)

A big thank you to Mr Frost for turning this case around so quickly.

Solicitor, December 2022 (CSA Report)

Speedy, and a definite structure and timetable regarding provision of report.

Solicitor, December 2022 (Drugs Report)

Highly regarded expert witnesses.

Solicitor, January 2023 (Firearms Report)

Used you for some years now and your experts give an honest and reliable view.

Solicitor, January 2023 (RTA Report)

Each expert took the time to explain any issues with disclosure which assisted, not only with our understanding of the evidence, but with any subsequent disclosure requests.

Solicitor, January 2023 (CSA Report)

Prompt, informative.

Solicitor, January 2023 (Toxicology Report)

Your staff explained the instructions for the blood test and any relevant facts clearly, and were helpful in what was a new and stressful situation to deal with.

Private instruction, February 2023 (Toxicology Report)

A massive thank you for your brilliant report.

Private instruction, February 2023 (Handwriting Report)

Quick, professional and excellent service.

Solicitor, February 2023 (DNA Report)

Great communication.

Solicitor, February 2023 (Drugs Report)

Please thank Jenny for getting this back to us so promptly and for an excellently written report.

Solicitor, February 2023 (Alcohol Report)

Communication, impeccable!

Solicitor, March 2023 (DNA report)

Could not fault, never had a bad service and always very obliging to assist.

Solicitor, March 2023 (DNA report)

My first expert of choice and, if unable to assist, always able to recommend. Would not use anyone else!

Solicitor, March 2023 (DNA report)

Thank you for being very proactive with the arrangements for this examination and report - I was conscious of the limited time frame.

Solicitor, March 2023 (DNA report)

Your knowledge was excellent and your response times were very quick.

Solicitor, March 2023 (Toxicology Report)

I liked the efficiency of the turnaround and willingness to answer questions.

Private Instruction, March 2023 (Handwriting Report)

I certainly found your assistance invaluable in preparing the case.

Solicitor, March 2023 (Firearms Report)

Mr Brown was clearly very knowledgeable. He provided coherent answers to the questions in Court and provided further explanation when it was asked of him. He refrained from using complex terminology which made his answers clear and concise to the bench which required little clarification. In conference, I found Mr Brown to be very polite and calm. He remained professional throughout. I would be very happy to work with Mr Brown again.

Counsel, March 2023

You did exactly what you promised, in a reasonable time scale.

Solicitor, March 2023 (RTA Report)

Customer service excellent; knowledge and expertise.

Solicitor, March 2023 (Mobile Phone Report)

The report was completed in good time and was extremely thorough and in-depth.

Solicitor, March 2023 (Toxicology report)

Dealt with yourselves numerous times in past always had a fantastic service.

Solicitor, March 2023 (Cell Site Analysis Report)

The admin team (and experts) always respond quickly helping to progress matters as quickly as possible.

Solicitor, April 2023 (Toxicology Report)

Previously instructed on other cases - always find to be reliable and helpful.

Solicitor, April 2023 (Toxicology Report)

Jenny Gray was very helpful, even with a last-minute change of instructions from the client.

Counsel, April 2023 (Alcohol Report)

Very responsive and helpful, and turnaround time was better than expected.

Solicitor, April 2023 (Computer Forensics Report)

I found your reports to be thorough and well-reasoned. They were easy to follow.

Counsel, April 2023 (Handwriting Report)

Karen Caramiello's advice was clear, cogent and helpful. It illuminated the differences between her opinion and that of the other expert, and explained why she held to her opinion.

Counsel, April 2023 (Handwriting Report)

I consider your report and testimony in the case to be up to a very good standard.

Counsel, April 2023 (Handwriting Report)

Prompt reply to our request. Personal service was excellent, including calls from the expert to clarify issues and to ensure that all of the issues to be addressed were addressed. Very impressive.

Solicitor, April 2023 (DNA Report)

We have used KBC on many occasions in the past and you have always provided a prompt, efficient and professional service within the timetable required.

Solicitor, April 2023 (DNA Report)

Very quick turnaround. KBC gives helpful advice on what they need from us and always assist in emails.

Solicitor, May 2023 (Imagery Report)

Speed, insight throughout, excellent communication.

Solicitor, May 2023 (Firearms Report)

I would like to thank you for your efforts in this case and the impressive manner with which you gave your evidence.

Counsel, May 2023 (re: Karl Ebejer, Chemical Analysis)

Miss Sower was thorough. First class service.

Solicitor, May 2023 (DNA Report)

I have been using KBC's services for more years than I care to remember!

Solicitor, June 2023 (Drugs Report)

You are number one on our Expert Register for this type of work. We wouldn't want to use anyone else.

Solicitor, June 2023 (Alcohol Report)

Swift turnaround from papers being sent to report received.

Solicitor, June 2023 (Alcohol Report)

Professional & experienced.

Solicitor, June 2023 (Handwriting Report)

First choice for all experts. Excellent communication, reports to a high standard and thorough. Cannot fault service!

Solicitor, June 2023 (Drugs Report)

Thank you so much for your really impressive work on this case.

Solicitor, June 2023 (Cell Site Analysis Report)

Proactive and thorough.

Solicitor, June 2023 (DNA Report)

Honest, informative and responsive.

Solicitor, July 2023 (Computer Forensic Report)

Mr Brown was very helpful in presenting his report to the court, such that he was commended on his evidence by the Magistrates in their judgment.

Counsel, July 2023 (Toxicology Report)

The communication and attention to detail was very good.

Private Instruction, July 2023 (Handwriting Report)

Helpful and responsive. You are our preferred supplier on forensic matters.

Solicitor, July 2023 (RTA Report)

I always use KBC for my criminal matters, excellent service.

Solicitor, August 2023 (Footwear Mark Report)

Thank you very much indeed for your report, Mrs Caramiello. You have been a pleasure to work with.

Solicitor, September 2023 (Handwriting Report)

Excellent report with good expertise in order to seek possible basis of plea.

Solicitor, August 2023 (Drugs Report)

We have used KBC before and have been happy with the speed of work, quality of work and communication between expert and solicitors.

Solicitor, August 2023 (Firearms Report)

We have found your service to be extremely accommodating of the practical realities of criminal law work, which is often fast moving and involving narrow deadlines. We would definitely look to instruct you again in the future.

Solicitor, September 2023 (Alcohol Technical Defence Report)

Very prompt response; report provided at short notice.

Solicitor, October 2023 (DNA Profiling Report)

The report that we received was excellent.

Solicitor October 2023 (Body Fluids Report)

The willingness to assist and the professional approach that was adopted in this matter was hugely appreciated. There was always someone prepared to respond to a query.

Solicitor, October 2023 (Firearms Report)

I have been using Keith Borer Consultants for as long as I remember and don’t intend to move elsewhere. Your reports are very thorough and always delivered in a timely manner.

Solicitor, October 2023 (Toxicology Report)

Friendly service, very flexible around a short timescale.

Private Instruction, October 2023 (Alcohol Report)

Keith Borer Consultants was the first name that came up in google and the first phone call was enough for me to know you were the right company. I was looking for a short turnaround and to be reasonably priced; both were met and exceeded.

Private Instruction, October 2023 (Alcohol Report)

We would like to thank you all for your professionalism and assistance on this matter; it is greatly appreciated by all involved and was of huge assistance to our client.

Solicitor, November 2023 (Handwriting Report)

Absolutely wonderful service throughout.

Private Instruction, November 2023 (Handwriting Report)

I contacted 2 or 3 firms and you were the first to respond with what I thought was a fair quote.

Private Instruction, November 2023 (Handwriting Report)

Report was done in more than enough time and communication with firm was excellent.

Solicitor, November 2023 (Alcohol Report)

Tireless dedication to completing the job, despite an endless array of obstacles. Fantastic communication from Alan Henderson and the whole team.

Solicitor, December 2023 (Offensive Weapon Report)

We have used you before and have always received a great service.

Solicitor, December 2023

The whole matter was turned around so quickly from us requesting a report to the report being provided.

Solicitor, December 2023 (Toxicology Report)

We use KBC regularly because we know we will get a speedy, accurate and professional service.

Solicitor, December 2023 (Toxicology Report)

Clarity and expertise.

Solicitor, December 2023 (Toxicology Report)

You are the best and most efficient.

Solicitor, December 2023 (Imagery Report)

First class service from start to finish.

Solicitor, January 2024 (Imagery Report)

Have use KBC for many years for various different experts.

Solicitor, January 2024 (Imagery Report)

Timely and clear communication via email.

Solicitor, February 2024 (DNA Report)

“Why did you choose us?” In general terms, reputation. In this case a colleague recommended the expert in question.

Solicitor, February 2024 (DNA Report)

Speedy response, easy to follow report and conclusions.

Solicitor, February 2024 (Alcohol Report)

Great communication with Karen Caramiello throughout the process.

Private Instruction, February 2024 (Handwriting Report)

The client will almost certainly avoid an immediate custodial sentence. I am extremely grateful to Mr Platt.

Solicitor, February 2024 (Firearms Report)

Thanks very much for your evidence, Ms Caramiello. Next time I get a handwriting case, I will ask the solicitors to request you.

Counsel, February 2024 (Handwriting Report)

Thanks to your reports and evidence, the appeal was allowed, and the conviction was quashed. Your analysis was most persuasive, Mr Donnelly.

Counsel, February 2024 (Computer Report)

We regularly instruct you due to the excellent service provided.

Solicitor, February 2024 (Alcohol Technical Defence Report)

Huge thanks and appreciation to our instructed expert, Gregg Beatson, whose expertise was invaluable.

Instructing Solicitor, March 2024 (Collision Investigation Report)

We contacted KBC last minute due to a Defence expert report being served 2 days before trial. Ms Allan took this case on and provided a report in less than 2 weeks as requested to avoid delays. Communication was great.

Solicitor, February 2024 (Footwear Mark Report)

Good communication regarding issues with CPS/ Police disclosure in the consideration of the report.

Solicitor, February 2024

Paul Wilson was able to complete this report within a very tight time fame, not only assisting ourselves as instructing solicitors, but also Newcastle Crown Court. It was invaluable to be able to discuss the initial instructions with Paul prior to sending formal instructions. Throughout preparation of the report, excellent service has been provided by yourselves. This again reinforces my view that you are the 'go to' experts when reports are required and that we, as defence, can rely upon your services.

Solicitor, March 2024 (Blood Pattern Analysis Report)

As far as I am concerned there is no room for improvement and please keep the standard of service.

Solicitor, March 2024

I have previously instructed Keith Borer Consultants and consider that you are best staffed and able to provide what is needed. Thank You.

Instructing Solicitor, March 2024

Good communication, easy to work with.

Solicitor, March 2024 (Fire Investigation Report)

Very professional, easy to work with and very prompt with the task in hand.

Solicitor, March 2024 (Fire Investigation Report)

We are very satisfied with your professional and swift assistance. Our client won this case, and your report was a strongly contributing factor.

Solicitor, March 2024 (Handwriting Report)

Excellent communication throughout the expert’s involvement in the case and I was kept fully updated in relation to the exhibit examination arrangements.

Solicitor, March 2024 (Firearms Report)

I have instructed KBC on a number of cases previously and have always had excellent service.

Solicitor, March 2024 (Firearms Report)

Dr Ash was very knowledgeable and fair and spoke authoritatively on the reconstruction issues in dispute.

Instructing Solicitor, May 2024 (Collision Investigation Report)