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Forensic Expertise
when you need it

Keith Borer Consultants provides high quality independent forensic science consultancy in criminal, civil, family and disciplinary matters.

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Forensic Expertise when you need it

Keith Borer Consultants provides high quality independent forensic science consultancy in criminal, civil, family and disciplinary matters.

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Instruct the Experts

Our Forensic Scientists are expert witnesses and are instructed by a range of customers to examine the strength and reliability of evidence and report on it at court.

  • Solicitors
  • Barristers
  • Police forces
  • Companies
  • Private individuals

Our Services

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A Wealth of Experience

Keith Borer Consultants has been providing forensic consultancy and expert witness services since 1980. In 2015 Keith Borer Consultants became part of Orchid Cellmark Ltd, gaining access to a large range of accredited laboratory and analytical facilities.

Our Team

Internationally Recognised

Although based in the UK, Keith Borer Consultants can carry out detailed forensic casework across the globe. The majority of time, this can be done without the need to travel. In today’s digital age, distance really isn’t a barrier, with evidential files, photographs and working notes being shared easily, quickly and securely. Our experts can provide court testimony through video link.

Should you prefer a scientist to attend in person, we can examine crime scenes or accident loci, visit the relevant forensic laboratory and give oral evidence at court. We will work with you to make this as cost effective as possible.

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About Us

Our process is to establish with you an appropriate and cost effective forensic approach to your case which can be achieved within the available timescale. We pride ourselves on being able to respond quickly to instructions and in providing high quality, independent forensic advice in a format that suits you.


Reliable, professional & very helpful. Helen Davey is a class act.

Solicitor, August 2021 (DNA report)

Quick response with quote and report.

Solicitor, August 2021 (DNA report)

Great communication, very informative and quick turnaround.

Solicitor, August 2021 (Handwriting Report)

Quick and easy service. Clear and concise statement provided by the expert.

Private instruction, September 2021 (Toxicology Report)

Extremely efficient in all respects.

Solicitor, August 2021 (Computing Report)

Many thanks for the report, which is excellent.

Solicitor, August 2021 (Handwriting Report)

Swift and timely report – kept in touch throughout the process – happy to discuss the matter further over the phone.

Solicitor, August 2021 (DNA Report)

Superlative quality of experts and understanding of the particular challenges facing solicitors’ firms.

Solicitor, July 2021 (Drugs Report)

Helpfulness from always timely, pleasant and helpful first contact to conclusion of case.

Solicitor, July 2021 (Drugs Report)

Recently listened to a podcast of one of the experts and was impressed with content.

Solicitor, July 2021

Gregg Beatson was professional, knowledgeable and gave his opinion well.

Counsel, June 2021 (Collision Investigation Report)

Please pass on my thanks to Ross Donnelly for everything - top job!

Counsel, July 2021 (Computer Report)

Ross Donnelly has been so helpful and professional at all times. We haven’t enough positive things to say about him.

Solicitor, July 2021 (Computing Report)

Speedy quotes and timely delivery of reports.

Solicitor, August 2021 (Drink Drive Report)

Reliable and excellent communication to ensure that the work requested can be undertaken and processed efficiently.

Solicitor, August 2021 (Cell Site Analysis Report)

Simon Bunter was excellent in evidence and dealt with the cross examination very well. He was adept at handling the questions and was professional in his delivery. He was well prepared and thorough.

Barrister, May 2021 (Fingerprint Report)

Good communication, fast quote and service of report.

Solicitor, May 2021 (Alcohol BAC Calculation Report)

Prompt responses, excellent experts.

Solicitor, May 2021 (Handwriting Report)

Excellent knowledge. Good turn around speed and communication.

Solicitor, May 2021 (DNA Report)

Provided very comprehensive response to initial enquiry which guided what we needed.

Solicitor, May 2021 (Fire Investigation Report)

I am impressed by the efficiency and quality of the reports. You are always my first port of call.

Solicitor, May 2021 (Computing Report)

Judge gave favourable comments on Dr Ash's balanced approach.

Barrister, June 2021 (RTA Report)

Mr Appleby’s report and the way in which he broke complex issues down was very much appreciated and greatly assisted in my cross-examination. I would also have no hesitation in seeking his expert guidance again in the future.

Barrister, June 2021 (DNA Report)

Nigel Cook was incredibly thorough, professional and responded to my emails/questions very promptly.

Barrister, June 2021 (Imagery Report)

Mr Prime was very good at court in explaining concepts to the jury and presenting his evidence. I would have no hesitation in using him again and recommending him to others.

Barrister, June 2021 (Collision Investigation Report)

Can I just say Mr Brown was very good, he explained all the relevant issues, which can be complicated, and also explained them to the Court.

Solicitor, June 2021 (Toxicology Report)

Past experience has taught us that KBC is the go-to expert witness service.

Solicitor, March 2021 (Imagery Report)

I find your service prompt, efficient and helpful. Alan Henderson was particularly helpful and rang me to discuss issues. I was able to understand clearly what he was outlining and think he will be an asset to the defence case.

Solicitor, April 2021 (Fire Investigation Report)

I always choose you because of the fast, efficient and excellent work you do.

Solicitor, April 2021 (Fire Investigation Report)

Friendly, approachable, amenable, accommodating, professional.

Instructing party, April 2021 (Footwear Mark Comparison Report)

I chose KBC because it has a good reputation and the price is very fair.

Private client, April 2021 (Toxicology Report)

Mr Fagan was readily available to answer queries very promptly and worked to a tight time limit. He was also extremely helpful in trying circumstances surrounding a refusal by the prosecution to release exhibits.

Solicitor, April 2021 (DNA Profiling Report)

Good admin - chasing up correspondence - quick preparation of report - easy access to expert for clarification purposes.

Solicitor, April 2021 (Cell Site Analysis Report)

Mrs Morley was very good and a strong defence witness.

Solicitor, April 2021 (Toxicology Report)

Very impressed; would use again.

Barrister, April 2021

Mrs Allan was most informative and provided explanations where required. A very professional attitude.

Private Client, March 2021 (Handwriting Report)

Always provide detailed quotes to assist with applying for authority from LAA. Quick response and good communication.

Solicitor, March 2021 (DNA Profiling Report)

We have used your company numerous times and have always received very well written and easy to understand reports.

Solicitor, March 2021 (DNA Report)

Clear advice given by Mrs Caramiello at the start; and very prompt response.

Private Client, March 2021 (Handwriting Report)

Report well presented. Concise and precise.

Solicitor, February 2021 (Alcohol BAC Calculation Report)

Provided helpful information above and beyond what was expected.

Solicitor, February 2021 (Firearms Report)

Your reports and maps were extremely helpful.

Barrister, February 2021 (Cell Site Analysis Report)

I am extremely grateful to you for all your work on this case, in particular your prompt and helpful responses to my repeated requests.

Barrister, February 2021 (Cell Site Analysis)

Mr Frost has been a great help in this case and we really appreciate his assistance.

Solicitor, February 2021 (Cell Site Analysis Report)

Thank you very much once again for your excellent service.

Solicitor, March 2021 (Mobile Phone Report)

There are always speedy responses to our instructions and questions asked. It is helpful to be provided an estimated time frame for the service of reports as we can make the appropriate arrangements with the Court date, should this be listed before the reports are due to be served, we can also inform the client of the same.

Solicitor, January 2021 (Toxicology Report)

We have used your services on many previous occasions to complete similar work. You always provide the cheapest estimate and respond quicker than any other service provider we have contacted for the purposes of Legal Aid.

Solicitor, January 2021 (Toxicology Report)

Website was very informative. First contact was knowledgeable and efficient. I was not constantly hassled to confirm whether you would be instructed! The report was delivered in record time - very impressed!

Solicitor, January 2021 (Drink Drive Report)

The report is excellent.

Solicitor, September 2021 (Gunshot Residue Report)

Used you often before and you have always provided an excellent service.

Solicitor, September 2021 (Cell Site Analysis Report)

I found your services to be excellent.

Solicitor, September 2021 (Toxicology Report)

Efficient and professional.

Solicitor, September 2021 (Handwriting Report)

You are a local firm providing an excellent and prompt service.

Solicitor, October 2021 (Toxicology)

Very efficient, quick response time. Very thorough investigation and analysis in the report itself.

Solicitor, October 2021 (DNA Report)

Email communication is always very good, the report was provided in a timely fashion.

Solicitor, October 2021 (DNA Report)

Friendly and efficient.

Solicitor, October 2021 (DNA Report)

Many thanks for sending me your written report, which reads very well. I really appreciate the swift turnaround.

Solicitor, October 2021 (Handwriting Report)

Efficient, good reports and reliable.

Solicitor, October 2021 (Handwriting Report)

Local, reliable, fees within Legal Aid Agency rates, excellent service.

Solicitor, October 2021 (Imagery Analysis Report)

Speed, efficient and reasonable cost.

Solicitor, November 2021 (RTA Report)

Expert had excellent knowledge; and very approachable and kept us informed of progress throughout.

Solicitor, November 2021 (Firearms Report)

We have had an excellent service and cannot fault it.

Solicitor, November (Firearms Report)

Mr Dunnill was not just helpful and knowledgeable, he was approachable, friendly and congenial, making it a pleasure to deal with him.

Counsel, December 2021 (Drugs Report)

Speed, expertise and professionalism.

Solicitor, December 2021 (Computing Report)

Steven Frost and Chris Walsh are undoubtedly two of the most helpful and approachable experts that I have ever come across.

Queen’s Counsel, December 2021 (Cell Site Analysis Report)

Luke Wilkins offered helpful advice from the outset.

Solicitor, December 2021 (Computing Report)

Extremely efficient, professional service.

Solicitor, January 2022 (DNA report)

Very professional and prompt.

Solicitor, January 2022 (Handwriting report)

Renowned reputation and established name.

Solicitor, February 2022 (DNA report)

An honest appraisal; clearly impartial.

Solicitor, February 2022 (Collision Investigation report)

Prompt responses to our request for further work to be undertaken close to trial.

Solicitor, February 2022 (Cell Site Analysis report)

Very helpful to discuss case with Karen and our requirements before producing report, she was flexible re the approach and gave sensible suggestions on that. Great to deal with.

Solicitor, February 2022 (Handwriting report)

We have instructed you in the past and are very happy with the service you provide.

Solicitor, February 2022 (Alcohol BAC calculation report)

Responses to emails and query are always fast and excellent. You always provide reports within the time frame specified, if not earlier.

Solicitor, February 2022 (Handwriting report)

If I didn’t think you were excellent, I would not recommend your instruction. I thought you gave your evidence very well.

Counsel, March 2022 (Collision Investigation report)

Very quick and professional service.

Private instruction, March 2022 (Handwriting report)

A real pleasure working with Mike Prime. He was of significant assistance at trial.

Counsel, March 2022 (Collision Investigation report)

Mr Armstrong was an excellent witness – professional and engendered trust from the jury.

Counsel, March 2022 (Collision Investigation report)

Nigel Cook was a pleasure to work with and the entire process has been incredibly smooth.

Solicitor, March 2022 (Imagery report)

We were both very impressed with Mr Fagan and would highly recommend him.

Counsel, March 2022 (DNA report)

You are lovely to work with and go above and beyond with your service.

Solicitor, April 2022 (Toxicology Report)

Quick, proficient and helpful throughout.

Solicitor, April 2022 (DNA Report)

Good communication, very quick to respond and very quick to provide report. Overall excellent service at all times.

Solicitor, April 2022 (Imagery Report)

Friendly and approachable.

Solicitor, April 2022 (Drugs Report)

David Schudel was extremely knowledgeable and his evidence to the jury was very engaging.

Counsel, May 2022 (Fire Investigation Report)

Available for initial consultation over the phone. Knowledge of the current law. Detailed report. Extremely quick turnaround.

Instructing Solicitor, May 2022 (Firearms Case)

Paul Wilson provided all reports quickly, he was available to speak over the phone and assisted significantly in explaining the implications of his findings.

Instructing Solicitor, May 2022 (DNA case)

Communication second to none as per. Dr Cooper was very pragmatic and has produced the report in a very short amount of time which was helpful for us.

Solicitor, May 2022 (Imagery Report)

This is very helpful and I cannot thank you enough for turning this work around so quickly - it really is very impressive service.

Instructing Solicitor, July 2022 (Handwriting Report)