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Mobile Phones, Tablets and Wearables


As mobile telephones become more powerful and multifunctional, the wealth of evidence they can provide increases. Keith Borer Consultants employ mobile phone experts who can offer advice, examinations and evaluation of all manner of mobile telephone evidence.

Whilst calls and SMS messages remain a staple within our instructions, alternative communications systems such as WhatsApp, Viber, iMessage and Facebook messenger are requested on a regular basis. Our mobile phone experts' experience with these applications allow for a thorough examination, not only looking at the information visible to the user, but also hidden or encrypted backups, or fragments that remain after deletion. The usage of wearable technology such as smartwatches has risen dramatically in recent years. When operating in tandom with mobile devices wearables can aid in generating potentially evidential data such as health information detailing a user's physical activity.

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The recovery of deleted data is also a common request. Although the tools to support forensic investigation of mobile phones have improved, there is no substitute for a trained expert scientist and bespoke research to analyse and interpret the evidence fully.

By working closely with other scientists within Keith Borer Consultants, we can accommodate cross-discipline examinations such as working with our fingerprint experts to find fingerprints on mobile phones, providing both the identification of the print and the content of the mobile telephone.

Keith Borer Consultants also offer services in cases where Indecent Images of Children or Extreme Pornography have been identified. We can assist by categorising the images, identifying the dates and times of creation, reviewing the data for indications of access as well as evaluating the source of the imagery.

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