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Recovery of deleted messages on Blackberrys

July 01 2013

The default setting on Blackberry handsets is to store messages for 30 days. It is likely therefore, that the information you need is in the deleted messages. Historically, these have been difficult and expensive to recover, requiring the chips to be removed from the circuit board.

Now, as new models of Blackberry handsets and smart phones are introduced, so too are tools for analysing data contained on them and their SIM cards. The two main providers of such tools have recently launched upgrades that enable deleted messages on Blackberry handsets to be recovered much more readily.

Perhaps even more importantly, in recent cases, we have recovered deleted message fragments where the prosecution stated there were none. In one such case the mobile phone had been examined by the police Hi-Tech unit and subsequently by an external provider to the police. Both had incorrectly concluded that there were no messages whereas we recovered in excess of 150 deleted message fragments.

In summary, recovery of deleted messages on Blackberrys is now a viable option and could provide you and your client with critical information. 

If this development could affect your case, please call KBC’s experts on 0191 332 4999.

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