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Mobile Phone Fixed Penalty to be Increased

February 01 2017

On 1st March 2017 the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988 (Penalty Points) (Amended) Order 2017 and The Fixed Penalty (Amendment) Order 2017 come into force.

It is an offence under Section 41D(b) of The Road Traffic Act 1988 to use a hand-held mobile telephone while driving and currently three penalty points can be issued to persons committing this offence.

If at the time a fixed penalty notice was issued [i.e. no reported for summons] the offence also carries a fixed penalty amount of £100.

As of 1st March 2017 six penalty points will be issued for the offence and if a fixed penalty notice is issued the amount will increase to £200.

There will not be any difference in the fixed penalty for drivers of cars and Large Goods Vehicles.

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