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At Keith Borer Consultants we employ CCTV Experts, Video Experts and Facial Recognition Experts who can scrutinise imagery and provide detailed forensic reports.

"A picture paints a thousand words" so they say and all of us are captured regularly on CCTV footage at work and at play. Although image quality can limit the usefulness of imagery for identification, analysis of footage in conjunction with witness statements and other forensic evidence can often help clarify what has happened.

Read more about how to instruct an imagery expert.

Our imaging work falls into four main categories:

Image Improvement

At Keith Borer Consultants our experts use specialist forensic imaging technology which may reveal detail not apparent on first viewing. This includes demultiplexing, noise removal, image optimisation, frame stabilisation and frame averaging. This image enhancement may be all you require in order to progress your case to the next stage.

In addition, enlargement, slowing down ‘fast moving’ footage and the use of lighting filters might be all that is required.

Identification of People or Objects

Having improved the imagery, experts can then prepare reports comparing photographs of known suspects or objects with images in the evidence. Often called ‘facial mapping’ or 'body mapping', we apply a rigorous approach to the assessment and measurement of unique and non-unique features which can be used to identify a person or highlight why it is not safe to do so.

Analysis of Events

In this type of case, a sequence of actions or activities is analysed and reported to identify who did what. We can apply tracking markers to enable you to follow the actions of specific individuals.

Image Presentation

Family, civil and criminal courts are increasingly utilising pictures and diagrams to present information, particularly to a jury. These can be especially useful in summarising large amounts of information in an easily understandable format and in presenting one set of diagrams agreed by all parties.

We always request that the original imagery should be used. Compilations are fine for general and initial viewing, but a copy of the original footage should always be sought. 

As the quality of images received can vary considerably, our preference is to undertake an initial review of your photographs and video, at no cost, to see what can be done. If you wish to make use of this service, please send your imagery material to our Durham office.