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Body Fluids (Semen, Saliva, Urine etc)

Body Fluids

The distribution, presence or absence of body fluids, such as semen and saliva or cells shed from the body can be significant, particularly in sexual assaults. Our body fluid experts are forensic biologists who are often able to distinguish body fluid stains resulting from direct deposition from those that have resulted from secondary transfer or smearing. Such staining is often on clothing, underwear or bedding. Examinations can assist in the evaluation of disputed accounts of events from the protagonists in cases of alleged rape and sexual offences. Our body fluid experts work alongside our DNA experts who can undertake independent DNA profiling of body fluid stains to identify likely contributors where this will assist in evaluating the forensic evidence in a case. The identification of urine or faecal staining or analysis for condom lubricants may similarly be of assistance in differentiating between accounts. 

Forensic reports range from simple identification of a stain to detailed interpretation of stain distribution, DNA profiling results and witness statements.

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