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Julian Dunnill

Julian Dunnill specialises in matters involving controlled and medicinal drugs and has extensive expertise in many areas relating to drug seizures, including drug synthesis/production, new psychoactive substances, methodologies of drug importation and drugs intelligence. He has many years of experience in drug analysis techniques and in the interpretation of subsequent analytical data. Mr Dunnill also provides expertise in cases requiring drug valuations (including Proceeds of Crime Applications), drug usage patterns and in the interpretation of text messages pertinent to drug-related activities. He has reported and reviewed thousands of cases including major and high profile drug operations, nationally and internationally, and is a seasoned witness at Court. Mr Dunnill has also written widely on issues relating to drug evidence.

Mr Dunnill joined Keith Borer Consultants in 2014 after 22 years at the Forensic Science Service where he was a senior scientist. He has also worked in the ESR Forensic Laboratory in New Zealand in the same capacity, and within the pharmaceutical research industry. 

Whilst at the FSS laboratory in Wetherby, amongst other functions, Mr Dunnill was the lead cannabis cultivation expert for many years. He led on the training of colleagues and law enforcement officers in matters relating to drugs seizures, crime scene examination and presenting evidence at Court, as well acting as an advisor on drug-related matters, providing support to customers in such areas as test purchase operations, planned drug raids and force policies.

Mr Dunnill holds a BSc(Hons) in Physiology from Leeds University. He can be contacted through our Durham office.

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