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Multi-disciplinary cases

Multi Disciplinary

Our experts have considerable experience in multi-disciplinary cases, involving more than one type of forensic evidence. As such, several experts may work on the same case. In addition, our casework logistics team can appoint a single point of contact, to assist in the coordination of forensic exhibits and access to case files, and keeping you up to date with expected delivery dates for our reports and any required attendance at court.

Examples of multi-disciplinary cases we have worked on include:

  • An attempted murder involving a suspect package, where a computer was examined in relation to stored files and internet search history, handwriting experts were asked to look at labelling on the package, and the viability of an improvised explosive device was considered.
  • A fatal road traffic accident (RTA), where collision investigation experts reconstructed the scene, digital experts looked at deleted text messages and call records, and cell site analysis assisted with an allegation of mobile phone usage at the time of the incident.
  • A rape case at a house party, where a toxicologist commented on missed opportunities to collect blood and urine samples from the alleged victim after the incident, and a forensic biologist examined blood, semen and DNA evidence to consider secondary transfer of cellular material.
  • A death by dangerous driving allegation, where a toxicologist considered levels of impairment caused by cannabis use and a collision investigator looked at speed, causes of skidding and the condition of the car and motorcycle involved.

The same evidence types may not be pertinent in every case; to discuss further, please contact Dr David Schudel at our Durham office on 0191 3324999.

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