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Alcohol & Drink Driving


ALC001 Alcohol Calculation Questionnaire Download

Our 'drink-drive' experts regularly provide alcohol technical defence reports including BAC (blood alcohol concentration) calculations - sometimes called 'back calculation' - and assessments of the viability of spiked drink and hip flask defences. Offences we report on deal with drunk in charge or post driving alcohol consumptions. Our blood-alcohol experts can consider blood or urine test results or stated drug and alcohol intakes and provide advice on the possible effects on state of mind and physical capability at the time of the alleged offences.

We can provide independent analysis of blood or urine samples for the presence and levels of alcohol and drugs. Our experts can also consider the effects of exposure to drugs, medications, solvents and chemicals.

Alcohol, medications and illicit drugs are widely used and can affect judgement, inhibitions and memory. Often crimes occur where the complainant, defendant or witnesses have consumed drugs or alcohol. We have extensive experience of dealing with impairment and absolute offences under Sections 4 and 5, respectively, of the Road Traffic Act 1988 including all types of 'drink drive' and 'drug drive' allegations.