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Casework Logistics

The casework logistics team at Keith Borer Consultants is the operational core of our business. In Durham, you can speak to Lianne (Team Leader), Lisa, Lesley, Fiona, Anna, Anne, Diane, Kieran or Amy.

To meet your timescale, the team plan and organise the work required in preparing reports and attending case conferences and court hearings as necessary.

Our systems ensure that each member of the team can access up-to-date knowledge of progress on your case. The casework logistics team is available from 8:00am to 5:30pm to answer any non-technical queries you may have. If you have our case reference to hand, this will enable us to bring up your case details more quickly.


Fee notes usually follow within two weeks of a report being sent to you. Any queries that you may have in relation to fee notes should be directed to Lianne, Rebecca or Christine in our Durham office. Confirmation of accounts paid or outstanding can be made immediately.


Alison O'Neill BMedSc(Hons), MSc, CMkr is the Marketing Manager, with responsibility for arranging CPD talks for barristers and solicitors, newsletters and email updates, and maintaining the company's websites, customer databases and social media accounts. She can be contacted at the Durham office on 0191 3324999.


We always welcome applications from experienced scientists. Full time or part time positions can be considered. Please send a CV and covering letter, in confidence, for the attention of Dr D Schudel at kbc@keithborer.co.uk.