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Simon Bunter
BSc(Hons), MCSFS, ChFP (Fingerprint), FFS

Simon Bunter

Simon Bunter

Simon Bunter specialises in testing the strength and validity of alleged fingerprint ‘identifications’. His expertise also covers how and when items were touched, including fingerprints that were innocently placed 15 years earlier.

Mr Bunter has been employed as a Fingerprint Specialist since 1997, initially with North Yorkshire Police as a Fingerprint Expert and latterly with Keith Borer Consultants in an enhanced role as a Forensic Scientist. As a Fingerprint Expert he specialises in the identification of fingerprints and establishing whether errors have occurred. Mr Bunter is experienced in scrutinising the practices and procedures of fingerprint comparisons including the methodology and accuracy of results.

As a Forensic Scientist his expertise includes determining how items and surfaces were touched or handled and commenting on the potential age of fingerprints. He regularly writes on the subject. He has had articles published in scientific journals with regard to cognitive bias, placement of prints and the persistence and longevity of fingerprints on different types of surfaces at crime scenes. He has also given several presentations to solicitors, barristers and police Fingerprint Officers on such matters.

Mr Bunter has the following qualifications: BSc (Applied Science and Forensic Measurement), Professional Member of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences, a Chartered Forensic Practitioner and Fellow of the Fingerprint Society. In 2017 he won The Dr Ann Priston Award for Excellence in Casework. He has successfully completed independent fingerprint competency tests from different providers and undertakes regular training and development in the field of Fingerprint Evidence, including attending and speaking at conferences.

Mr Bunter can be contacted at our Durham office.

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