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Alex Bretherton
BSc(Hons), MSc

Alex Bretherton joined Keith Borer Consultants in May 2022 and specialises in drink-drive and drug-drive casework. Having previously obtained 5 years’ experience as a forensic drug analyst, he is familiar with the legislation and pharmacology pertaining to controlled substances.

He has the following alcohol-related reporting experience:

  • BAC calculations
  • Drunk in charge
  • Effects of medications on evidential test results
  • Laced drinks

Mr Bretherton holds a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours in Pharmacology from the University of Bath and a Master of Science degree with Distinction in Forensic Science from King’s College London.

Alex regularly conducts peer reviews and critical findings checks of alcohol and drug related casework and has completed the Bond Solon Expert Witness Courtroom Skills course.

Keith Borer Consultants operates a Continuous Professional Development Scheme for all staff. Within this scheme, Mr Bretherton keeps to to date with published scientific literature, attends conferences and undertakes peer reviewed competency assessments.

Mr Bretherton can be contacted at our Huntingdon office.

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