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Cannabis Cultivation & Cannabis Products - an update for 2020

April 14 2020

KBC's Julian Dunnill provides a useful update for barristers and solicitors on cannabis cultivation cases and newly emerging cannabis-derived products.

Cannabis cultivation remains a prolific crime, from small, domestic set-ups to large, commercial ventures. For large-scale operations, the logic is that it is a low-risk, high-gain business with an insatiable customer base. Smaller-scale facilities may be more likely to produce cannabis for personal use. Whilst guidelines exist for the number of plants which constitutes such an approach, this can be misleading and will be explored in more detail.

Cannabis oil products, whether overtly controlled or believed to be legal, are gaining ever-increasing popularity. KBC continues to provide advice and reports where sale, possession or even production of such materials forms part of the case.  Some of the concerns are discussed.

The update is available to CrimeLine subscribers and can be found here: https://crimeline.co.uk/keith-borer-consultants-cannabis-update-2020/. If you are not a CrimeLine subscriber, please contact Alison O'Neill to request a copy.

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