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Electronic Tags (Personal Identification Devices)


“Tags”, also called a Personal Identification Devices, or PIDs, are used routinely for curfew or area of exclusion monitoring. Common situations that arise are ‘out after curfew’, ‘tamper’, movement based on GPS data and movement based on other data. ‘Out after curfew’ occurs when the system believes the wearer of the electronic tag was not home at some point after the curfew started. Cases like this involve looking at the connection activity between the PID and its home unit to see if everything is working as it should be, and can also be examined by range-testing at the scene. ‘Tamper’ occurs when the system thinks the tag is no longer properly working – for example, if the strap has been damaged. We can examine the tag and look at damage types and compare this with the account given by your client. GPS data can be recorded by certain types of tag and we can look at the movement and error margin in that data. Movement can be inferred by other means and this is something that can be assessed in the context of the case.

Please contact Dr David Schudel for advice.

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