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Ross Donnelly's article on Google Takeout Location Data published

December 08 2020

Ross Donnelly has had an article entitled "Can Google Takeout Location Data Be Trusted?" published by the online digital forensics publication, DFIR Review.

"Data in the cloud is becoming increasingly important to forensic examinations. Services such as those offered by Google and Apple collect a vast quantity of data about the users, and in recent years there has been a shift to allowing the user to access this data too. The Takeout service allows all data held by Google regarding a user to be downloaded.

One of the most interesting artefacts within the Google Takeout is location data. With Android phones recording their users' every move, often without them realising, this data can be a trove of critical information that provides both potential evidence and alibis. As the data is downloaded directly from Google, there is a temptation to blindly trust this data. This leads to an important question: could a user alter the location data held by Google in order to mislead an investigator?"

You can read the full article here: Can Google Takeout Location Data Be Trusted? · DFIR Review (pubpub.org)


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