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New Year... New Faces... More Expertise

December 01 2011

Forensic Science Interpreting The Evidence

2011 has already seen some significant changes at Keith Borer Consultants.  Due to increased customer demand for our services we have recruited four new scientists to add to our team throughout the country.  All these are employed on a full time basis by KBC.

  • Mr Mike Appleby BSc(Hons), joined us in January from the Forensic Science Service in Chepstow where he was a senior scientist specialising in forensic biology.  He has over 30 years experience in the field and was instrumental in the development of early DNA techniques.  He can be contacted through our Huntingdon office and can assist with all cases involving blood patterns, body fluids and DNA evidence, including investigating this type of evidence at scenes of crime.
  • Miss Ann Kiernan BSc(Hons), MSc, joined us in February from LGC Forensics and is a firearms and toolmarks examiner with 10 years’ experience reporting in firearms offences and classification of weapons within current firearms legislation.  She is based in Leeds and can be contacted via the Durham office.
  • Mr Alan Henderson BSc(Hons), CChem, MRSC, MFSSoc, also joined us in February, from the Forensic Science Service in Chorley.  There he was a senior scientist and has over 20 years’ experience in chemistry and physical evidence types (footwear, glass, fibres, fires, paint and more) and can be contacted through the Durham office.
  • Mr Karl Ebejer BSc(Hons), MSc, MRSC, MFSSoc, is our newly appointed Quality Manager.  He worked previously at Mass Spec Analytical as both Quality Manager and Forensic Scientist.  At KBC he will be seeking accreditation to the UKAS 17025 quality standard for our in-house DNA laboratory, and providing additional resource to our Drugs and Toxicology team.

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