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KBC’s Digital forensics team commended for their court presentation skills

September 01 2015

As a barrister or solicitor, you want to be sure that your forensic expert is technically competent and skilled at presenting their opinion in court. Two of KBC’s digital forensics team have recently been specifically commended on their court room skills.

Ross Donnelly gave evidence in the case of R -v- Karim in Kingston Crown Court. The crux of the matter was whether a car insurance certificate had been falsified. Having examined the defendant’s computer, Mr Donnelly was required to explain to the court his finding as to how key documents were downloaded from the internet, and more importantly what the absence of certain information may mean. This is by no means as straight forward as it sounds and Counsel commented:

'I thought he [Mr Donnelly] was a good witness. He was able to explain somewhat complex matters concisely and was clear in his opinions'

Thomas Marryat is KBC’s principal cell site expert. In the case of R -v- Grey in Newcastle Crown Court, Mr Grey was alleged to be linked to two incidents that occurred in early 2014. Mr Marryat, together with the prosecution expert prepared a joint statement of points of agreement and those in disagreement. At the request of prosecuting and defence Counsel, Mr Marryat was asked to present the cell site findings to the Court. Counsel for the defence commented:

Thomas Marryat's professionalism, subject knowledge and presentation was outstanding. I would recommend him to anyone.’

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