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KBC now has an ISO17025 accredited blood-searching facility

April 01 2015

In the past two years, we have posted a number of news articles on the shift to the defence to prove their innocence rather than simply putting the prosecution forensic evidence to the test. With dwindling forensic budgets for the prosecution, the proportion of forensic examinations which require to be conducted on behalf of the defence is growing, and never before has the defence had to conduct the volume of original work it currently does, as opposed to reviewing the work of the prosecution laboratory. We are pleased, therefore, to announce that KBC’s blood-searching facilities have been accredited to ISO17025 standard (UKAS accredited testing laboratory, number 4252). The accreditation marks another benchmark in quality for the company, demonstrating the exacting standards to which exhibits are handled, stored and examined by discerning experts who have proven their ability to locate even the tiniest flakes of evidence!

KBC aims to expand its accreditation in future. For current details of the processes for which we are accredited, please see our schedule of accreditation on the UKAS website here.

Do you need to consider commissioning forensic work that could test and support your client’s account? If you need help assessing the possibilities in context of your case, please contact us.

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