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Digital forensics – an unusual alibi

May 01 2017

An unusual source of digital data was used recently to corroborate the defendant’s account in a case of alleged assault and rape.  The defendant was a taxi driver whose vehicle was fitted with a digital advertising screen.  The adverts displayed can change based on the location of the taxi.  An excellent piece of deductive thinking by MJP Solicitors concluded that the advertising device incorporated a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver.  Thomas Marryat, one of KBC’s digital forensics experts, was asked if it was possible that data recorded by the advertising system could be examined to see if it supported the defendant’s account of events.

By accessing the online management package for the digital advertising system, Thomas was able to examine the GPS tracking data for the taxi on the night in question.  During the pertinent hour, 148 locations were recorded, from which Thomas prepared a detailed reconstruction of the movements of the taxi with associated maps.  The movements correlated with the specific details of the defendant’s account and subsequently the Prosecution offered no evidence.

KBC has recently expanded its digital forensics team and you will find details in our May newsletter.  If you have a case in which  you think our digital team can help, please call Thomas or any one of the digital forensics team on 0191 332 4999.

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