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Criminal Justice Secure Email

October 01 2013

Forensic Science Interpreting The Evidence

Keith Borer Consultants operates within the Criminal Justice Secure eMail service (CJSM) allowing you to send case papers and sensitive information directly to us. Our secure email address is: kbc@keithborer.co.uk.cjsm.net.

Sending information by CJSM offers several advantages to you:

  • Sensitive case papers can be forwarded to us directly from within your CJSM account, so no need to re-save these as attachments to standard emails;
  • Data quality on electronic copies is normally higher than obtained from photocopies, particularly with imagery;
  • Speed of transferring sensitive information to us is increased;
  • And vice versa, you can securely receive our reports as PDF documents the day they have been completed.

We can also use CJSM to receive data from forensic providers. This can be more cost effective and significantly quicker than attending labs to take photocopies of printed papers, provided all parties agree.

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