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Thomas Marryat

Thomas Marryat joined Keith Borer Consultants in 2007 as a digital device specialist. He has expertise in mobile telephones, tablets and other small scale digital devices as well as cell site analysis.  His work includes addressing mobile telephone attribution, performing bespoke testing of mobile telephones and applications to establish their capabilities, limitations and operation, identification and testing of advanced examination methods (direct EMMC, ISP, JTAG, etc) and evaluation and measurement of cell site coverage areas.

He prepares approximately 50-60 reports each year, predominantly in cases involving telecommunications evidence for use in criminal matters throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland. He has also prepared reports for military, prison, civil, Coroner and Police disciplinary hearings.

He has the following qualifications: BSc (Honours) in Software Engineering.

Mr Marryat can be contacted at our Durham office.

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