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Thinking of applying for the role of Drugs Expert at Keith Borer Consultants? Here are 3 reasons why you should…

November 09 2023

Job Satisfaction: Whilst there is no denying that working as an expert witness can be demanding at times, knowing that your knowledge and expertise have helped people who find themselves at the centre of legal disputes, whether that be falsely accused defendants or complainants who can be saved the distress of court proceedings, is immensely satisfying. Operating within our mature quality management system ensures the work product is respected whilst allowing you the freedom to express views and opinions in your own personal style.

We primarily deliver our drugs services under the instruction of Defence solicitors and, as such, our experts are often in the enviable position of being able to provide assessments and evaluations in the context of the full case circumstances. Colleagues who previously worked for prosecution agencies tell us this is enlightening and fulfilling and has made them feel more much more rounded as experts.

Professional Development: We actively promote continuous professional development and will provide in-house and external training as and when applicable. Working as part of a team, you’ll field enquiries from customers, tender for work, manage your own caseload, conduct examinations and strategic reviews, discuss findings orally and in detailed written reports, and present your work in conference and at court as required. Being involved in such diverse aspects of case management and delivery encourages transferable skills such as time management and effective communication. There are also opportunities to get involved with wider company initiatives, such as quality or marketing, if that’s something that interests you.

Supportive Environment and Benefits: We pride ourselves on offering a supportive and nurturing working environment. You'll have access to logistical support, mentorship, and professional development opportunities. The competitive salary, comprehensive benefits package, and the option for remote or office-based work further enhance the appeal of this position.

Ready to find out more? Take a look at the job description and submit your CV and covering letter.

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