Ross Donnelly

Ross Donnelly is a Digital Forensic Investigator and the IT Manager at Keith Borer Consultants. áHe specialises in the forensic examination of computer equipment, with particular experience in cases involving social networking (such as Facebook) and indecent images of children, including establishing the provenance and classification of such images. áHe was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree with First Class Honours in Computer Science. áMr Donnelly has received training in computer forensic techniques and software. áHe has completed training in Microsoft Windows Server 2008, the Access Data FTK forensic software and Guidance Software's Encase product to an Advanced level. áHe is a member of the British Computer Society and has completed the Bond Solon Courtroom Skills course.

Mr Donnelly can be contacted at our Durham office.

Download Ross Donnelly's Qualifications and Experience (PDF)

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