Paul Wilson
BSc(Hons), MSc

Paul Wilson brings an international perspective to his work with Keith Borer Consultants having previously worked as a DNA expert in the USA.  His case work has expanded at Keith Borer Consultants to include evaluation of a wide range of forensic biological evidence; for example blood pattern analysis, recovery of body fluids in sex and assault cases, and examination of scenes to establish what happened where.  He is also an expert in the use of DNA profiling in Criminal Justice Systems throughout the UK, addressing questions such as the significance of the results from complex mixed DNA profiles and secondary transfer issues within the context of the case.  Having prepared over a thousand reports, he has a wealth of expertise to bring to your case.

Paul has BSc in Biochemistry & Immunology and an MSc in Forensic Science.  He can be contacted at our Durham office.

Download Paul Wilson's Qualifications and Experience (PDF)