Nigel Cook

Nigel Cook joined Keith Borer Consultants in 2014 and primarily work on cases involving photographic and video evidence.  This includes the identification of people (or objects) and the analysis of events or actions.  During examinations he utilises forensic technology to enhance still or moving imagery, to reveal details which may not be apparent on initial viewing.  He also undertakes photographic and video work, including post-capture editing and the production of DVDs or still image booklets.

Mr Cook's previous employment includes 12 years in the Royal Air Force as a photographic interpreter, carrying out detailed analysis of imagery and producing reports for UK and overseas armed forces and governments, and also 15 years in police scientific support in roles that required extensive use of photography (at crime or accident scenes and within a laboratory) and specialised lighting and imagery enhancement software and techniques.  Mr Cook was required to produce written statements and present evidence in court (Magistrates’ and Crown) on a regular basis.

Keith Borer Consultants operates a Continuous Professional Development Scheme for all staff.  Within the scheme Mr Cook undertakes regular training and development in the field of forensic imagery.

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