James (Jim) Keenan

James (Jim) Keenan has been a road accident investigation expert for over twenty years, first with Merseyside police and since 2006, with Keith Borer Consultants.  He leads the team of road incident experts at KBC whose services are sought in civil, criminal and employment matters.

Jim has also been a key driver in setting standards nationally for collision investigation.  He is former chairman of the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators and continues to be a grades Assessor for the institute.

At KBC, Jim is known as the expert who most relishes his appearance in court.  It is his clarity of thought and presentation, especially in multi-handed cases, that has earned him many commendations as a road accident investigation expert.  This is reflected in his participation in the training of barristers and their use of expert evidence.

Mr Keenan can be contacted through our Durham office.

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James Keenan is an expert in: