Dorothy Allan
BSc(Hons), MCSFS

Dorothy Allan joined Keith Borer Consultants in January 2012 from the Forensic Science Service where she worked as a Senior Forensic Scientist.  Dorothy has over 28 years’ experience in Forensic Science and currently reports on cases involving handwriting and signature comparisons, footwear marks, glass, paint and fibres.  

Dorothy was the site lead for particulates at the Huntingdon laboratory of the FSS, as well as a peer reviewer and internal auditor.  She was a Registered Forensic Practitioner and Assessor until the closure of the register in 2009.  Mrs Allan holds a Bachelor of Science Degree with Honours in Chemistry from St Andrews University and is a Member of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences.

She can be contacted at our Huntingdon Office.

Download Dorothy Allan's Qualifications and Experience (PDF)