Catherine Tweedy
BSc(Hons), CBiol

Catherine Tweedy has been employed by Keith Borer Consultants as a Fingerprint Expert and Forensic Scientist since 1995 and specialises in the study of fingerprints and mark placement.  Her expertise in fingerprint evidence accrues from fingerprint training both in the UK and the USA, experimental research and over 20 years' case experience.  She keeps up-to-date with current issues including completing fingerprint comparison competency tests.  She has prepared Fingerprint Expert reports for over 1000 criminal cases throughout the UK and Ireland and given evidence in Youth Courts, Magistrates’ Courts and Crown Courts.  She has a BSc in Biological Science.  She is a member of the International Association of Identification and the Forensic Science Society.  She also has the following professional membership:  CBiol (Chartered Biologist).

Mrs Tweedy can be contacted at our Durham office.

Download Catherine Tweedy's Qualifications and Experience (PDF)