Drugs & Toxicology

Drug Usage & Drug Valuation

Our drug & toxicology experts regularly advise on drug usage and street valuation of both legal (such as prescription medicines and alcohol) and illegal substances (such as cocaine, heroin or the new drugs like BZP or mephedrone). We can check experts' findings, retest samples, look at issues of contamination, compare plastic bag or cling film drug wrappers and review evidence of drugs on bank notes, mobile phones or clothing. Our drug & toxicology experts are forensic scientists who can identify or confirm drug samples by microscopic examination or chemical profiling as appropriate.  We provide opinions on the usage patterns and valuation of drugs. For cannabis cultivation cases, we can assess potential plant yields, set-up sophistication and potential valuation for Proceeds of Crime Act applications.

Illicit drug use is often at issue in prisons, family courts or employment disciplinary proceedings. Our experts can provide blood, urine and hair analysis to assess drug use.

We have extensive experience and expertise of dealing with offences under the Road Traffic Act 1988 including all types of 'drug drive' offences. In drug drive cases there are no defined legal limits for drugs intake, and drugs or their metabolites can persist in the body for longer than they cause impairment. We consider toxicology results, stated usage habits and witness statements to form an opinion as to whether an individual is likely to have been unfit to drive. We can also consider the effects of exposure to alcohol, medications, solvents and chemicals.