About Keith Borer Consultants

Keith Borer Consultants have been providing forensic consultancy and expert witness services since 1980 and we can bring a wealth of expertise and experience to each case.  In 2015 Keith Borer Consultants became part of Orchid Cellmark Ltd.

Our process is to establish with you an appropriate and cost effective forensic approach to your case which can be achieved within the available timescale.  We pride ourselves on being able to respond quickly to instructions and in providing high quality, independent forensic advice in a format that suits you.

From traditional disciplines such as fingerprints to developing areas with digital devices, our forensic experts can provide advice on a stage by stage basis, individual reports on specific evidence types, or can bring together several strands of forensic evidence in the form of an overview report.  This can be especially useful in complex matters where the forensic evidence being presented may have been prepared by several providers.

Our offices are in Durham and Huntingdon; our scientists operate throughout the UK and Ireland, and further afield as required.  The Durham site is home to our purpose built forensic examination laboratories.  Call us on 0191 332 4999 if you want to discuss your case.

Our services operate to a quality system that is independently assessed and certified to ISO 9001.

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What our customers say about us

Fast response, friendly, clear explanations of requirements and findings at all stages.

Ms Hullock of Hullock & Co Solicitors, February 2017